11 Essentials - The Fastrack to Dating Mastery - Product

The 11 Essentials Main DVD Set
(Actual Footage Included!)

Each DVD lesson covers a core attraction concept and includes clear concept descriptions, demonstrations, student exercises and "quick wins" (high impact changes that you can make right now). Each concept is described by a top love systems instructor. This page contains sample clips from each video.

Take a look at descriptions and sample video from each disk, starting with an overview from Love systems Founder Nick Savoy:

Disc 1: 7 Seductive Ideas

Savoy gives you an overview of the the 11 essentials DVD set, including a peek at what happens at the Love Systems Super Conference — an annual gathering of the world's best pick-up artists and instructors. He also dispels 7 commonly held beliefs that stop 90% of guys from meeting, attracting and being with beautiful women. By resisting these 7 ideas, you will be on your way to hotter women and more options.


Disc 9: Inner Game

Vercetti discusses Inner Game -- key mindsets and beliefs that you will need in order to make rapid progress. This disc features:
  • A five step process for getting your head in the right place to take on something as transformative as improving your attraction skills
  • A discussion on the right mindset and process for overcoming the stumbling blocks of game
  • Interactive drills for you to visualize a future that you want and articulate the negative beliefs that are holding you back
  • Advice that you can use to create a step-by-step roadmap for success

Disc 10: Day Game

Day Game pioneer and legend Jeremy Soul teaches the art of picking up women in non-night club settings (e.g., at the bookstore, in a coffee shop or in a mall). Included are:
  • A proven formula for approaching women in public, including demonstrations of body language, vocal tone and physical contact
  • A 3-question framework for guiding the conversation so that you can demonstrate value and make a connection quickly
  • Exercises for fleshing out your own "mastery topics" or areas of conversation that you could speak about in order to build attraction and a connection quickly

Disc 11: Older Men & Younger Women

Love Systems' oldest (he's 48 years-old) instructor, Bullet, gives insight on how an older man can be successful with younger women. Included on this DVD:
  • Bullet's personal story of how he is able to achieve the mecca of sleeping with women in their 20s despite the social taboos around older men and younger women
  • A simple diagnostic for knowing whether a woman will view you as an "older man" and what you need to do to avoid coming off as "creepy"
  • What older men need to do to capitalize on their strengths without competing directly against men in their 20s
  • Specific routines for opening and attraction that are well-suited for older men approaching younger women
  • How you can dress and groom to come off as an edgy man with high status